Case Study: Sorelle and Co.

Sorelle and Co.

Sorelle and Co

The Sorelle and Co. website was originally created by a design agency on the Bootstrap framework, and Sorelle’s internal team was unable to make substantial changes and updates to the site without contracting out a developer. The site also had critical flaws when viewed on a tablet or mobile phone, and pointed to a number of outdated PDF files for core information.


Sorelle liked the look and feel of the existing site, they just wanted more control over the delivery. Thus the decision was made to replicate the existing site on the WordPress platform, where internal staff could make large and small changes to the site without needing to spend revenue on programmers or resort to posting PDFs to go around the site’s limitations.


Break Tag Media found a WordPress theme that would work for the new site, and with some extensive CSS coding, were able to virtually duplicate the old site’s look and feel from the fonts to the animations. The Break Tag team also incorporated the bakery’s menu into an easily editable page, and created simple WordPress forms for cake orders and High Tea reservations.


Sorelle staff members are now able to adjust the bakery’s menu on the fly and cake orders and High Tea reservations are now being handled via email directly to bakery staff, finally simplifying many of the team’s core tasks and increasing efficiency.