Case Study: Mohawk Ford

Mohawk Ford

An iconic dealership serving the Hamilton area for 49 years, Mohawk Ford had an established client base and a website provided by the Ford head office. But new referrals weren’t growing as quickly as the management team wanted, and they weren’t getting the response to sales initiatives as they had in the past through traditional media buys.


It was clear that Mohawk Ford needed a social media strategy and to start diverting advertising funds to digital advertising to expand their reach. Because of resources, we determined focusing efforts on a Facebook page would provide the greatest ROI, and we set up a geotargeted Google Ads account to reach car buyers searching for consumer information anywhere in the Hamilton area.


Working closely with the Mohawk Ford team, we quickly established the brand on Facebook, and modified their existing website to pull in Facebook reviews. Mohawk began incrementally diverting advertising dollars to Google Ads to expand their reach without alienating consumers accustomed to their traditional advertising methods.


Mohawk embraced the freedom and unique opportunities available through Facebook, and took full advantage of the ability to talk directly to established and potential customers through the tool. The media buying campaign immediately resulted in an uptick in new customers and referrals, and sales continue to grow as the dealership prepares for its 50th anniversary.